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So it doesnt seem like people come around any more which is ashame because Ava is one of my favorites. I have a bunch of Ava icons (and 2 is loves) that have been posted at my icon journal lavie_boheme_  that I thought I would share.....

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11  12Image hosted by Photobucket.com 13Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If taking....comment & credit either stars_n_garters or lavie_boheme_

If you guys have any pictures you would like me to make into icons please let me know. :D oh and Happy New Year!

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OOOO those are all terrific! I'm taking #3 and will gladly credit. ^_^
I didnt know you were an Ava fan!!!! LOL! Well yay for Ava!
WOOT! WOOT! Ava is easy on the eyes! -sigh-
hahaha yes indeed. Shes awesome
Magnificent Frank & Ava bar :] Using & will credit!
Thanks! Enjoy. I LOVE Your Frank & Ava icon!!!!
Yay! People posting. I'd pretty much given up hope for this community 'til now :)

Love the icons...I'll probably save some of them, and will credit when I use them. Thanks :)

Isn't it annoying how even when ava got older she still looked so classy and charismatic? Would kill for the bone structure.

Wasn't there some review (may have been of Showboat) where the writer said that in close-up Ava's face was like a relief map of Columbia or something (I've probably got the place wrong!) Always thought, well, I wouldn't mind a face like that! Tch, some people. I like the fact that Ava was beautiful, but not in the boring-bland-kinda way that you see everyday.

Yes, I remember reading that in Avas autobio. They were CRAZY! Her close ups during Bill are gorgeous! I'd kill to have her bone structure/face! haha. Whoever said that was a total nut!
taking 8!! wow it's exactly the icon i have been looking for. how do i credit you? i will happily do it but don't know how :)
thanks. when you upload userpics just write "made by stars_n_garters" in teh comment box. enjoy.
done! it fits my username perfectly thanks so much :)
you are most welcome. and I love your user name! Are you new to live journal?
thanks :) i am not new, but am still hopeless when it comes to icons and all that!