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Ava Gardner

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For some reason Ava Gardner is not as appreciated as most other 'Classic Actresses' (spot the sweeping generalisation). Descriptions such as 'earthy', 'panther-like', 'seductive', etc, have all be used over and over to describe her. She is among the reams of movie 'goddesses' to have been described as "the most beautiful woman in the world".

One thing you don't often hear her described as is a good actress. However, while her earlier film roles did use her rather more as eye candy than as a competent actress, I believe that many of her later film roles show her to be an engaging screen presence and perfectly accomplished.

One of the main reasons I like Ava however is her strange dichotomy of outrageous glamour and down-to-earthness. I like the fact she drank too much, smoked too much, and swore too much. I like the fact that she was presented as this North Carolina Hillbilly-like character, yet was obviously intelligent and came out with some fantastically witty stuff.

A potent mixture of untouchable beauty and real humanity. For me, this puts her above all the other 'goddesses' - so join this community, goddamnit!

"Deep down, I'm pretty superficial" - Ava Gardner

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