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I was looking for communities interested in Ava Gardner and found this one... but now I see that it looks more or less... dead? Anyway, I'm here...

I didn't know much at all about Ava Gardner before. I just knew that she was one of all  the famous classical actors that I have heard about without knowing much... Then for various reasons, "The Barefoot Contessa" came up in a discussion. I googled Ava Gardner to take a look at her, and then *swoons* I decided to watch that movie..... It was interesting - and I loved her in it - but I did not at all like the end; not very logical at all, but that happens sometimes when the writer doesn't know how to finish a good story... Next, I watched "Mogambo". I think she had good chemistry with Clark Gable there. (And I thought Grace Kelly was very cute, but more like a small forget-me-not next to a peony...) And last night I watched "55 days in Peking". I will try to watch as many of her movies as I possibly can.

I think that Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful women that ever lived!
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